What Shoes to Wear With Flare Jeans

What shoes to wear with flare pants

Welcome to our retro style guide, where we uncover the perfect shoe pairings for flare pants and jeans. As a 70's shoe company, we're here to help you elevate your fashion game with carefully curated footwear options. 

Whether you're embracing the nostalgia of the 70s or adding a contemporary twist to your look, our expert tips will ensure your flare pants and jeans are complemented with the ideal shoes. Get ready to step into retro-inspired fashion and discover the ultimate shoe pairings for a fashion-forward ensemble.

What shoes should I wear with flare pants?



70's Platform Heels

When it comes to iconic 70's fashion, the combination of flare pants or jeans with platform shoes reigns supreme. This dynamic duo not only encapsulates the era's trendy aesthetic but also offers a harmonious blend of style and functionality. Let's dive into why these two fashion elements complement each other so well.

Flare pants and jeans were at the forefront of 70's fashion, known for their wide-leg silhouette that flared out from the knee downward. This style created a striking visual effect, elongating the legs and adding a touch of drama to any outfit. The inherent retro charm of flare pants evokes a sense of nostalgia and perfectly captures the spirit of the disco-loving era. Check out our other guide, 70's Outfit Inspo!


Platform shoes, with their chunky elevated soles, were a staple of 70's footwear. They offered a significant height boost while providing a comfortable and stable base to walk and dance upon. The unique design of platform shoes allowed wearers to effortlessly command attention with their added stature, while the distinctive look added an extra dose of retro flair to any ensemble.


70's Platform Heels


The pairing of flare pants or jeans with platform shoes creates a visually appealing and balanced outfit. The wide-leg cut of flare pants perfectly complements the chunkiness and height of platform shoes, creating a harmonious balance in proportions. The elongating effect of flare pants enhances the leg-lengthening capabilities of platform shoes, resulting in an overall stylish and elongated silhouette.


The combination of flare pants or jeans with platform shoes is a match made in fashion heaven, epitomizing the vibrant and glamorous 70's style. Together, they create a visually striking and nostalgic ensemble that embraces the retro spirit while offering comfort and height. So, unleash your inner disco diva, and embrace this groovy fashion combination that will make heads turn on any dance floor or retro-inspired event.

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70's Platforms Wedges


Embrace a fashionable fusion of retro charm and modern flair with wedge heels, the perfect pairing for flare pants or jeans. These versatile footwear choices effortlessly bridge the gap between vintage-inspired 70's fashion and contemporary trends. 

With their sleek and updated designs, wedge heels add a touch of sophistication to your outfit while enhancing the wide-leg silhouette of flare pants or adding a trendy twist to your favorite pair of jeans.


One of the best parts of pairing wedge heels with flare pants or jeans is their ability to offer a modern and stylish update to your ensemble. Opt for wedge heels with sleek and minimalist designs, featuring metallic accents, bold color blocking, or interesting textures. 

These contemporary elements breathe new life into the classic combination, making it relevant and eye-catching for today's fashion scene. Whether you're going for a chic daytime look or a statement-making evening ensemble, modern wedge heels effortlessly elevate your style, infusing it with a touch of sophistication and trendiness.


Beyond their fashion-forward appeal, modern wedge heels provide a harmonious balance between style and comfort. With advancements in shoe technology, contemporary wedge heels are crafted with cushioned footbeds, adjustable straps, and sturdy platforms, ensuring maximum comfort throughout the day. 

Their wedge construction offers stability and support, making them an excellent choice for all-day wear, whether you're running errands or attending social events. By choosing modern wedge heels, you can confidently stride through your day with style and ease, embracing the best of both fashion and functionality.


70's Platform Boots


Elevate your style game with the perfect pairing of boots and flare pants or jeans. Whether you're channeling the retro spirit of the 70s or embracing modern trends, boots offer a versatile and fashionable choice that effortlessly complements wide-leg silhouettes. 

From classic leather boots to contemporary designs, discover how boots bring a fusion of retro charm and modern vibes to your outfit.



70's Platform Boots


When it comes to styling flare pants or jeans, modern boot designs offer a fresh and updated take on this classic combination. Opt for ankle boots with sleek lines and minimalist details, or experiment with over-the-knee boots for a fashion-forward statement. 

Incorporate trendy elements such as chunky heels, pointed toes, or unique textures to infuse your ensemble with a contemporary edge. With their versatility and modern flair, boots bring a touch of sophistication to your outfit, making them a perfect choice for both casual and dressier occasions.


Not only do boots add a fashionable touch to your flare pants or jeans, but they also offer practicality and comfort. Choose boots with cushioned insoles and supportive soles for long-lasting comfort throughout the day. 

Styles with low or block heels provide stability and ease of movement, while taller boots can offer extra warmth and protection during colder seasons. By selecting boots that seamlessly merge fashion and function, you can confidently strut your stuff while staying on-trend and comfortable.


For more ways to style boots, check out the guide on how to style platform boots!



We hope this retro style guide has inspired you to experiment with different shoe pairings for your flare pants and jeans. By carefully selecting the right footwear, you can enhance the overall look and capture the essence of the era. If you're shopping for the perfect shoes to wear with your flare pants, check out our 70's inspired shoe collection!

Now it's your turn to share your favorite shoe choices for flare pants or jeans! Have you tried a bold platform heel, a classic ankle boot, or perhaps a trendy sneaker? 



We'd love to hear about your personal style and the shoes that make your retro-inspired outfits shine. Join the conversation in the comment section below and let's continue celebrating the timeless allure of flare pants and jeans in true 70's fashion!

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