Our Values

Nectarine Dreams was created to embody the love and uplifting spirt of the 60's and 70's! Our mission is to spread positivity and good vibes to as many people as we can. With this being said, a percentage of all profits will go to a non-profit charity of our choosing. The organizations we chose will support women, education, black owned businesses, those with disabilities and others who may be less fortunate and need help accessing basic essentials. We will thoroughly research all non-profits to make sure there is adequate proof that all contributions are being put towards their cause. We will only choose non-profits that donate at least 80 cents for every dollar. 


Girls Inc. of NYC

The non-profit we are proudly supporting is Girls Inc. of NYC. This organization provides the education and mentorship needed to help girls rise from any social, economic or gender barriers that may stand in their way between their goals in life. 

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