How to Style a Casual 70's Outfit


When we think of 70's fashion, our minds often leap to dazzling disco styles or the free-spirited hippie look. But there's more to 70's fashion than sparkling jumpsuits and bell-bottoms swaying under the disco ball. Everyday casual outfits from the 70's were simpler yet equally stylish, reflecting a blend of comfort and understated flair.


In this blog, you’ll learn about:


-70’s Casual Womens Style

-70’s Casual Men’s Style

-70’s Casual Footwear

-How to style a basic 70’s outfit


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70’s Casual Outfits for Women:


For women, casual 70's fashion was all about effortless chic. Think corduroy skirts and flared pants paired with ringer tees or tucked-in polo shirts.



The color palette was earthy, with warm tones like mustard yellow, burnt orange, and olive green making frequent appearances. Denim was also a staple, with high-waisted jeans and overalls becoming wardrobe essentials.



70’s Casual Outfits for Men:


Men's casual fashion in the 70's also favored practicality and ease. Corduroy pants were a popular choice, often paired with polo shirts or knit sweaters. Flared trousers were a hit, and denim was just as essential for men as it was for women.



Men often wore button-down shirts with bold patterns or simple tees with a fitted look. Layering was common, with jackets like the iconic suede or leather bomber adding a rugged touch to the ensemble.


70’s Style Shoes:


In the realm of casual 70's style, footwear was all about combining comfort with a touch of flair. Platform shoes reigned supreme, offering both height and a bold statement. 


Women often donned platform sandals or clogs, which paired perfectly with their flared jeans and bohemian skirts. Check out our 70’s platform shoe collection for more inspiration!


Men and women alike favored sneakers for their everyday activities, with brands like Adidas and Converse becoming iconic. Another popular choice was the earthy, practical boot—think suede ankle boots or knee-high versions that complemented the era's love for natural textures and tones. 

Whether strutting in chunky heels or keeping it low-key in stylish sneakers, 70's footwear encapsulated the decade's laid-back yet distinctive vibe.



How to Style a Casual 70’s Outfit:


Styling a casual 70's outfit is all about embracing the era's relaxed vibe and iconic pieces. Here's how you can put together a timeless look:

Mix and match these elements to create your perfect 70's casual outfit!


The 70's casual style was less about making a bold statement and more about enjoying the everyday with a laid-back yet put-together look.

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What’s your favorite everyday piece from the 70’s? Let us know in the comments!



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