How are 60’s and 70’s fashion different?

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60’s style:

Sixties fashion is full of bold colors, prints, and color blocking. Mini skirts and dresses were especially popular along with psychedelic fashion and space age inspired looks. 

70’s Style:

The seventies casual attire consisted of a lot of wide and flowy designs like bell bottoms, flare sleeves and boho style maxi dresses and skirts. On the other hand, disco fashion was full of plunging v necks, jumpsuits and lots of sequins and glitter.

60's fashion: psychedelic printed mini dress70's outfit: Platforms and bell bottoms
(left: 60s right: 70s)

Here’s a breakdown of the most popular trends of this time period and which decade they’re from:

When were platform shoes popular?

The seventies made platform shoes iconic. They we’re perfect for every style including disco, hippie, casual, witchy and more. They give you that much needed boost when you’re in a long pair of flare pants. If you’re going for a 70’s outfit, platforms are a must! 

Suede wrap 70's inspired platforms with floral design on platform and heel. Criss cross open toe design.


When were gogo boots popular?

The most popular shoe trend of the sixties were go-go boots. Go-go dancers were common in the sixties. When they danced at clubs like Whiskey A Go-Go they typically wore patent leather knee high boots. This quickly became a staple in womens fashion, especially since space age inspired looks were also very popular.


60’s mini skirts and mini dresses:

Going back to 60’s fashion, mini skirts and dresses were also made popular by go-go girls. If you’re going to a 60’s party, an easy look would be a colorful mini dress and go-go boots. The micro mini skirt was coined in the 60’s and still makes an appearance in modern fashion today.

Sixties fashion, mini dresses


When were bell bottoms popular?

These fancy pants are back in style and are inspired by 70’s fashion. Flare and wide leg pants were added to just about any look back in the 70’s. They were added to jumpsuits, tuxedos, overalls and more. Anything flare, wide and flowy can generally be thought of as 70’s fashion. 


Bell-Bottoms In The 1970s That Are Making A Comback - Vintage-Retro70s fashion, 70s inspired fashion, Fashion

When was mod fashion popular?

This style comes from the 60’s and includes a lot of color blocking patterns and layers. Shift dresses, colorful tights, bold colors, scarves, mini skirts and dresses all represent mod fashion. This style was popularized by the British invasion and by English models like Twiggy.

Dorothee Bis 1966 | 1960s fashion, Retro fashion, FashionTwiggy Wearing Every 60s Fashion Trend Ever — ZEITGEIST

Psychedelic Patterns & Tie Dye:

The late 60’s popularized psychedelic patterns with the rise of hippie culture. These patterns were applied to just about anything, pants, skirts, dresses, shoes, bags and more. Tie dye was most popular in the 60’s and early 70’s. It became a creative way to protest the Vietnam War. Most of the trippy hippie looks people associate with the 70’s are actually reminiscent of the 60’s.


When were jumpsuits popular?

Jumpsuits started to rise in the late sixties and became even more popular in the seventies. The one piece outfit was worn by both men and women in the 70’s. Whether you’re on the dance floor, going to a formal event or just running errands, jumpsuits were perfect for any vibe in the 70s. 

70's fashion, jumpsuit, disco

Flare & Bell Sleeves:

The iconic bell sleeve look took off in the seventies and still makes an appearance in modern boho fashion today. They’re flowy, whimsical and dramatic all at the same time. Who doesn’t love a good statement sleeve?

Autumn Berry Bell Sleeve Top — Seasonsofella


I hope this helps and inspires your next retro inspired outfit! 

For more info, check out the article on 60's & 70's Fashion Icons.

Leave a comment below what your favorite sixties or seventies fashion trend is. 

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Very much appreciate your insights and clarifications. Well done! I love both decades, but definitely live my daily life in the 70s.

Sunshine Franklin

Pretty much spot on but wondering why hip huggers, halter tops and tube tops were left out. Another 70’s fashion ignored were “sizzlers” the mini dress that was short enough that one false move could cause a perk a boo moment so they came with matching panties.


I’ve read so many of these pieces that purport to know the 60’s and 70’s – all written by people who weren’t around then. I started reading this with my usual cynicism – but wow – you nailed it! Thank you for your insight, and for promoting what was groundbreaking, daring, and really blew apart society’s expectations for women. Fashion was about fun, colour, and self expression. It was political – or not – it was individualistic, creative (many of us bought our gear second hand and them turned them into something unique, that spoke to our own philosophy on life. And many of us still do…). In fact today’s passion for slow fashion and repurposing, has its roots firmly in the 70’s. I really enjoyed this piece – the 70’s in particular were a time of great turmoil and rebellion, but they were our times and I miss them!


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