Sixties and Seventies Fashion Icons


Twiggy was a 60's fashion staple and still continues to influence fashion and makeup trends to this day. Her iconic makeup looks will go down in history, not to mention the bob she rocked in the 60's. Her style can be described as psychedelic meets mod. She was always seen in colorful, bold printed mini dresses and square heeled mod shoes to match. She always looked so classy yet groovy and her style was replicated by so many and still is today!


Queen Cher was known for her statement pieces and glamorous style. She was always incorporating sparkles, sequins (lots of them!), fur, beads and other unique textures to make her outfits pop and stand out! When I think disco fashion I think of Cher! Celebrities are still recreating her looks and I don’t think that’ll change anytime soon.

Elton John 

Believe it or not platform shoes were first made for and popularized by men! Elton John helped platform shoes and boots become legendary in the 1970's. His shoe game and extensive platform collection continue to inspire me! His classic look incorporated a unique suit, platforms and a bold pair of glasses, which he is still rocking in 2022.

Bianca Jagger

Ms. Bianca Jagger helped the power suit gain it’s popularity and we can definitely see why! She showed that women can wear “men's” clothes and do it better! Bianca’s fashion was chic and gives boss chick energy, whether she’s in a dress or a pants suit. She often wore berets or bowler hats and even veils to transform her look and give it some extra texture.

Patti Boyd

It’s no wonder why she was the muse for George Harrison and Eric Clapton, she can pull off a variety of fashion styles with ease. Patti Boyd switched up her look frequently from classic button down pea-coat and beret to leather jackets and flare pants. However I think her most recognized outfits are the psychedelic and colorful printed tops or dresses with knee high boots or socks. Her signature look includes abstract floral prints and backcombed hair.

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