70's Disco Makeup

This guide will give you the tips and tricks on the perfect 70’s disco makeup look. Whether you’re going out for New Years, going to a 70’s party or just want to switch up your aesthetic, you’re in the right place. 




  • Authentic 70's Makeup Inspiration 
  • Tutorials
  • Easy Step by Step Guide & More Tips



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70’s Disco Makeup Inspiration 


I don’t know about you but when I think of 70’s glam I think of Cher. Cher was the epitome of disco style and makeup. Her iconic sequin jumpsuits and matching bold sparkly makeup looks will go down in history. 




Diana Ross & Donna Summer

For more authentic 70’s makeup, check out Diana Ross and Donna Summer’s groovy looks. Whether they were performing or making an appearance at Studio 54 they always brought the disco vibes with them. 


Bianca Jagger 

Being on tour with the Rolling Stones, Bianca and Mick Jagger were always partying and loved the disco scene. Bianca was always at Studio 54 and her makeup looks are a great inspiration for everyone looking for some 70’s glam.




Authentic 70's Disco Makeup Includes:

  • Bold colors 
  • Long lashes, even on the bottom!
  • The more glitter the better

Makeup Tutorials 

Seventies disco makeup looks are made to stand out on the dancefloor. Here are some of the best tutorials I’ve found. Hope they help!


Step by Step Disco Makeup Guide 

70's Disco Makeup

More Tips

70's Disco Makeup



I hope you found this guide helpful! If you're looking for an outfit to match your makeup, check out our DIY 70’s costume guide. 

Which 70’s disco makeup look or tutorial is your favorite? If you have any additional tips, comment below!

Peace & Love, 

Lynsey from Nectarine Dreams

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