DIY 70's Costume

Whether you’re going to a 70’s party, the World's Largest Disco, dressing up for Halloween or looking for inspiration for Decades Day, you’re in the right place. 


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This guide will help you:

  • put together a 70's inspired look
  • learn about 70's fashion trends
  • use what's in your closet already to make a costume


The great thing about 70’s fashion is that you most likely have everything already in your closet you never thought could style as a 70’s look. Anything you don't have you can find at your local thrift store or almost any retail store because retro fashion has been trendy lately.


Most people just think of disco or hippie fashion when they think of the seventies but there are so many other aesthetics to choose from. 



When deciding on your outfit you should first consider which look you're going for; casual, glam, witchy, psychedelic, western? 

We’ll go through a few of the most common aesthetics and how to style them. First we’ll start with the most common, disco!


The main purpose of disco fashion was to be dramatic and stand out on the dance floor. Think lots of sequins, statement shoes, chunky accessories and sparkles. 

  • Platform shoes- the bigger the better
  • Jumpsuits
  • Halter tops
  • Sparkly and sequin everything
  • Bright, glittery jewelry 
  • Bold colors and patterns
  • Metallic
  • Bell bottoms, flare pants
  • Big glasses and earrings
  • Plunging v-necks



*Right photo from Nine Lives Bazaar



The classic hippie look is a staple when it comes to 70’s parties and it’s probably one of the easiest to put together compared to the other aesthetics on the list. 

  • Floral and psychedelic patterns
  • Fringe 
  • Suede vests 
  • Bell sleeves and bell bottoms 
  • Flowy, boho skirts and tops
  • Patchwork
  • Bandannas and scarves
  • Paisley 
  • Tie Dye
  • Wooden clogs, sandals or barefoot 
  • Wooden or neutral colored jewelry

*The picture above is inspired by the late 60's not the 70's but is still relevant


Casual 70’s fashion is back in style so almost everything on this list is probably in your closet or can be found somewhere close by.


  • High waisted flare pants and bell bottoms 
  • Platform boots and heels
  • 70’s Band t shirts and ringer t shirts
  • Crochet 
  • Flowy blouses
  • Wrap tops and wrap dresses
  • Penny Lane Coats
  • Corduroy

Hopefully this gave you some good ideas and inspiration for your 70’s outfit! If you’re looking for more ideas check out our other blog, What to Wear to a 70's Party.

Peace & Love,

Lynsey from Nectarine Dreams 


living the life


I loved the seventi was born in 60 and I enjoyed it too I just recently bought 2 pairs of bell bottoms and I still have Halter Tops, it just goes to show. Fashion always comes back around.
My husband had a pair of bell bottoms with patches all over them. I wish I still had those.
Wish I still had Em. Thanks for the Throw back of memories.
Ghost to show fashion will always come back around. My husband had a pair of bell bottoms with patches all over them. Wish I had thoz he swears My mom threw them away. She hated those pants LOL and I remember her wearing Mini skirts. Boots up to the knee and and big, hair was in the 60s. Thanks for the memory

Carol McClure

Nice email love the pics fancy love it

Nice email ☺️

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