Who wore the Versace Satin Heels Better?

Who wore the Versace Satin Platforms better?

Ariana Grande has been seen wearing the Versace Aevitas platforms on many occasions. I think we're all accustomed to seeing her in super tall platform heels at this point, but these shoes looked amazing on her. 

Versace Satin Platforms on Ariana Grande

These satin platforms bring back nostalgic Bratz doll vibes. Some people say Ariana Grande started the satin heel trend, but I think when Beyonce made an appearance with them it solidified the shoes popularity and made them a fashion staple. 

Beyonce wearing pink versace aevitas satin platforms

I feel like this style of shoe would make any girl feel and look like Barbie. Ariana Grande and Beyonce both look great in these shoes, but I think Beyonce takes the cake, she embraced the Barbie look and coordinated her entire outfit to match the shoes. What do you think?!

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