The Revival of Vintage Fashion

Hello beautiful people,

Today I’m here to discuss why vintage and retro fashion trends are so important and still relevant. I’m sure you know fashion trends appear and most of the time tend to reappear in the future. For example, platform shoes. They made their outbreak in the 1970’s and fizzled out in the 80’s just to reappear again in the 90’s and now of course they’re back again and here to stay for a while! Vintage trends always tend to creep up on us generally every 10-20 years which is why it’s important to keep your mom’s style or even grandma’s style in the back of your head because sure enough you might see the same trends reappear and find yourself wearing their old flare jeans or gogo boots.

Another great way to score some retro clothing or accessories is your local thrift store. Some stores even specialize in retro fashion or have a specific section of the store dedicated to vintage to make things easier. Thrifting and wearing second hand is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and to promote sustainable fashion. 

Vintage pieces and vintage inspired pieces are definitely on trend, which is not only great for your pockets but also great for the environment. If you have a creative side, you might even want to upcycle or repurpose clothing to make it your own. Recently, I spotted this amazingly cute 70’s style cropped top and found out it was created from a vintage curtain! Talk about a statement piece! 

I hope you hop on this trend and help normalize upcycling and sustainability. This could be a great chance to take your drip to the next level! In my opinion there’s nothing better than a full, head to toe 60’s or 70s inspired look. If you need some retro fashion inspiration, check out our Pinterest boards.

Thanks so much for your time, love and support,

Lynsey from Nectarine Dreams

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