Pants and Skirts to Pair With Your Platform Boots

Have your heart set on a colorful pair of boots but not exactly sure how to style them? We got you! The pair of boots we're thinking of when pairing these outfits would be our platform ankle length gogo boots. Here are some photos for reference:
Orange Patent leather platform gogo boots. Chunky block heel, ankle length boots.Pastel green ankle length platform gogo boots. Chunky block heel. Patent leather boots.Pastel blue patent leather ankle length gogo boots. Glossy material, chunky platform with block heels.
Each pair of pants listed can be paired with a simple plain white, black or neutral colored top, a band tee shirt or whatever you're feelin' that day!


1) Colorful bell bottoms- Colorful platform boots and bell bottoms go together like peanut butter and jelly. Colorful pants and colorful boots will groovify your style instantly! Flare pants tend to be on the longer side so if you're short like me you absolutely need some type of heeled shoe to compensate for the length. There are so many options out there now, I'll leave a few links to some of my favorites from Amazon.
Bell Bottoms with Fun Patterns
Bell Bottoms


2) Skinny Jeans- If you're going for a glam rock look or even something more casual you can definitely put your favorite pair of skinny jeans on and match them with your colorful boots. Since jeans go with just about anything this is a safe bet. I specifically chose skinny jeans because the boots listed above are ankle length and this fit will put your shoes on display.
Skinny Jeans


3) Mini Skirt- A mini skirt can transform your platform boots into a full-on gogo outfit. There are some casual skirts you can match with them but why not have fun!? You didn't buy a pair of gogo boots to dress like a square, did you? Of course not! Go hard or go home. Pick out a fun pattern or psychedelic print and work it. 
Mini Skirts with Fun Patterns 
Neutral Pleated Mini Skirts


4) Leggings- Once again, since the leggings stretch and form to your leg like the skinny jeans do, they will put your amazing platform boots on display. This pairing is more versatile, a plain black pair of leggings would go with any color boots like the ones listed above. The real question is what top are you wearing?


There are so many ways to style gogo boots, I feel like it depends more on the patterns and colors of the rest of the outfit more than anything. I would like to mention that this post is sponsored, the links I added to this page I highly recommend and would wear and purchase myself, however they are affiliate links, and I may receive commission if a purchase is made. Thank you for checking out my blog I appreciate your time and interest! Stay tuned for more 60's and 70's inspired blog posts!


Peace, love & positivity,

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