How to Style Suede Boots

How to Style Suede Boots


Suede boots are a staple in my closet because they’re so versatile and go with so many different looks. Classic brown, black or tan suede boots can add to any outfit without taking away too much attention. However, if you’re looking for more of a statement shoe you might want to wear a knee high, colorful style with a more neutral or basic outfit. 



In this blog you’ll learn how to style a variety of outfits with your suede boots including:

  • 70’s Style
  • Neutral Fall Outfits
  • Modern Trendy Style
  • Colorful Looks
  • 60’s Style

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How to Style a 70’s Outfit with Suede Boots:

If you have platform suede boots a 70’s inspired look would be perfect! If not, knee high suede boots or even ankle boots would be just fine!

  • Start with a neutral colored pair of flare pants or bell bottoms 
  • Add a colorful, flowy top. Bell sleeves are a plus
  • Accessorize with a matching suede purse and a chunky belt
  • Add an afghan coat or a fringe jacket if its cold

How to Style Suede Boots


Neutral Fall Outfits with Suede Boots:

Brown, black or tan suede boots are essential in the fall. They match perfectly with warm or neutral toned outfits. For knee high and thigh high suede boots an easy autumnal outfit would consist of: 

  • A brown leather mini skirt with black tights
  • A tan turtleneck 
  • Add a black or brown long leather jacket
  • Accessorize with oversized sunglasses


How to Style Suede Boots

Modern Trendy Outfits With Suede Boots:

WIth 90’s and Y2K style becoming more and more popular, a chunky suede ankle boot would be great if you’re going for a trendy look. 



  • Try a plaid pleated mini skirt with sheer black tights
  • Add a basic white or black tshirt
  • Add a chain belt to complete the look



How to Style Colorful Suede Boots:

If you have a funky pair of suede boots you should make them the statement piece of your look! For a monochrome style, pick out pieces that are the same color as your boots but different shades. You can also have a more basic outfit and then have your shoes be a pop of color.


Pink Platform Suede 70's Boots



  • Monochrome: Start with a pair of pants or leggings that are the same color as your shoes but a shade slightly off. Add a top close to the same color as your shoes. Have fun with it by adding a headband or chunky earrings that match the aesthetic

  • Statement Shoes: A plain black mini dress matches everything and would make your colorful boots pop! You can also try a denim jumpsuit or jeans with a basic, black or white top. 


60’s Suede Boots Outfit:

The 60’s were all about knee high, gogo style boots or lace up boots paired with mini skirts and dresses. 

  • Simple 60’s: White mini skirt with a colored turtleneck top
  • Psychedelic 60’s: Retro printed shift dress with matching colored tights. Add some chunky jewelry to match the vibe
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I hope you got some inspiration from this guide! You might also like our guide on how to style platform boots. Let me know in the comments which aesthetic is your favorite and how you would style your boots.


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