How to Style Platform Heels and Socks

Platform Heels and Socks: Best combination ever or a flop?

The combination of heels and socks is an ongoing debate. A lot of people have mixed feelings on this topic, it’s one of those trends where either you love it or you hate it. The style of the shoe and the type of socks also have a lot to do with it. For example, ankle socks and peep toe stilettos, you’ll definitely get some interesting looks. However, crew socks and platform heels are something a lot more people would get on board with. Platform pumps and socks is a trend that comes in waves, but can always be appreciated.



Best ways to style:

1) However you want, wear what makes YOU feel good. Embrace your individuality and personal flare.

2) Thin socks with basic pumps.

3) Frilly socks with open toe platforms

4) Thick socks and chunky heels

What do you think of this eclectic shoe trend? Feel free to comment and add your thoughts and other ways you style socks and heels. 

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Love this look! Went a little bit crazy in Japan buying up all their cute socks and love mixing and matching – stilettos, platforms and great way to wear your shoes year round!


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