How to Style Go-go Boots

How to Style Go-go Boots

Go-go boots are iconic for so many reasons. They give off that 60’s nostalgia but are still a timeless shoe style. The low heel and knee length silhouette elevates any outfit without sacrificing comfort. 

In this quick article you’ll learn about:

  • How the go-go boots trend started 
  • 60’s Go-go Boot Outfits
  • 70’s Go-go Boot Outfits
  • Modern Go-go Boot Outfits

How Go-go Boots Became Popular: 

The go-go boots shoe trend was started by 60’s go-go dancers. They needed shoes that would turn heads but would still be comfy enough to dance in all night. 

Go-go boots blended perfectly with other 60’s fashion trends and aesthetics. Go-go dancers commonly wore their boots with matching shift dresses or mini skirts. 



With so many people frequenting clubs like Whiskey A Go-go, this trend rose in popularity. Soon enough, go-go boots were on the runway and in every department store.

60’s Go-go Boot Outfit: 

If you’re looking for a 60’s aesthetic to match your boots, a mini skirt or mini shift dress would be perfect. 


     1) Shift dress, psychedelic print, chunky jewelry

60's gogo boots outfit


 2) Mini skirt, bold colors, colored matching tights


60's Gogo boots outfit


If you’re looking for the best 60’s inspired go-go boots, these floral printed boots are to die for!

70’s Go-go Boot Outfit:

If you’re going for a more 70’s vibe stick to more neutral colors and materials like denim, corduroy, crochet and suede.


1) Short denim jumpsuit, gold hoop earrings, chunky bangle bracelets


70's gogo boots outfit


2) Corduroy shorts, halter top, and a crochet purse


70's Gogo boots outfit

Here are some groovy, 70’s inspired go-go boots!

Modern Go-go Boot Outfit:

For a trendy, modern look, combine popular trends with some of the retro pieces listed above. 

Source unknown, email for credit!


1) Black cut out mini dress, tea shade glasses and a quilted handbag matching the color of the boots


2) Short, halter jumpsuit with chunky jewelry 

For more retro boots check out our 60’s and 70’s inspired shoe collection.

I hope this guide inspired you to bust out your go-go boots and make your own outfit combination that fits your aesthetic. If you’re looking for more shoe styling tips, read the article, How to Style Platform Boots.

Patent white go-gos are the most popular but which color is your favorite? Comment below! 

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