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From platform shoes to mary janes, 60’s and 70’s fashion had a variety of iconic shoe styles we still wear today.



Sixties and seventies style flows in and out of modern fashion, but the footwear from this era can be found in almost everyone's closets. Both decades had their own flair specific to that time period. 


In this brief blog you’ll learn:

  • The difference between 60’s & 70’s shoes
  • Specific shoe styles of these decades & how they were styled
  • How 60's & 70's inspired shoes look today


How are 60’s & 70’s shoes different? 

Both the 60’s and 70’s had fun, unique shoes that made a statement and added to the rest of the outfit. However, the 60’s seemed to have shorter, more colorful heels. A lot of 60’s shoes had an almond shaped toe. 


60's Fashion Heels60's Boots



Shoes from the 70’s were more chunky and had a thicker heel, platforms and wedges were especially trendy. Neural colored shoes were more common in everyday 70’s fashion. Disco style corporated a lot of metallics and sparkles, the more you stood out the better!


70's Heels70's Boots


Most popular 60’s fashion shoes

Women’s heels went from classic, polished, high stilettos of the 50’s to comfortable, colorful and more self expressive. Super short heels were most common.


Styles like the kitten heel, ballerina flats, mod shoes, and short heeled oxfords rose in popularity. However, short heeled mary jane shoes and gogo boots were the epitome of 60’s fashion. 



Mary Jane Shoes

Mary Janes were versatile and paired well with colored tights for the perfect mod look. Glossy, patent leather mary janes were popular and can be worn with so many different aesthetics.


They also came in every color, had prints, two tone designs, and different materials. Mary Janes were an easy way to add a pop of color and style to your outfit. Check out these 60's inspired suede mary janes!

Gogo Boots

Thanks to the go-go dancers of the sixties, gogo boots caught everyone's attention. This style peaked in the 1960’s but still makes an appearance in modern fashion from time to time.


Here's a modern take on gogo boots. 



The iconic, short heels and knee length silhouette, made any outfit pop. The gogo boot and shift dress combo is unforgettable.



Most Popular 70’s Fashion Shoes

Platform Shoes 

With flare pants and bell bottom jeans becoming more and more popular, people needed shoes to match. Platform shoes were perfect because they gave you the extra boost you needed so your flares weren’t dragging.




Platforms were worn by men and women. Some of the more common styles were platform oxfords and platform boots. If you're looking for 70's inspired platforms check out this collection!


With disco fashion and glam rock on the rise, people used their platforms to stand out on the dancefloor. Metallic, bright colors and lots of glitter added a groovy twist to any outfit and were sure to turn heads. 



Clogs were ideal for everyday outfits in the seventies. They were commonly made of cork or wood with an enclosed toe made of suede or fabric. Typically they were neutral colored so you can pair them with a variety of outfits.


You just slip them on and go! Clogs are still worn today, but the 70's made clogs a form of art.


Now that you know the difference between the shoe styles of 60’s and 70’s fashion, which decade do you prefer? Platform boots and clogs or gogo boots and mary janes? Leave a comment below!

 For more retro shoe inspo check out our 60's and 70's inspired shoe collection.

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I love high heels boots
I have been collecting any vintage boots I can .I especially love boot fromm the 70s
I ware my women’s boots as often as I can

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